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Have you ever felt lost,
Like you are waiting for a bus,
That never comes?

That moment,
That you realize,
That you are waiting,
For your life to start,
That everything you’ve done so far,
Was pretty useless?

The hope,
That lives in your heart,
That something,
Or someone,
Will come along,
And give meaning to it all?

Like a good fairy,
Or an angel,
That smiles at you,
And tells you,
That you are special,
That your life has meaning,
And that this or this,
Is what you need to do?

I’ve been at that busstop,
For years,
Waiting for that fairy,
That special moment,
A sign,
To tell me,
What I should do.

I realized,
That the sign I was waiting for,
Was there all along,
That fairy?
Or angel,
Or whatever you believe in,
I have news for you,
It’s you.

Just like it’s me,
All we are really waiting for,
Is ourselves,
And we were here all along,
Since the day we’ve been born,
All the potential,
Was born with us.

We just have to create ourselves,
Think about who we want to be,
How does that person dress?
How does he talk,
What are the words that come out of her mouth?
Is he uplifting?

What kind of impact does that person,
Want to make?

And everything,
You ever dreamed of doing,
Or creating,
Was inside you,
All along.

You just have to click,
On what you want,
And put it in your cart.

And you know what?
If you don’t like it,
You can just exchange it,
And start anew,
With an empty cart,
Filling it up again,
And you can do this,
For as many times,
As you like.

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