I have no idea what I'm doing...


I have a big love,
Besides my husband,
And my kids.

It’s called sleep,
I love to sleep,
I really do.

Nothing feels as good,
As being able to turn around again in the morning,
And fall back asleep.

Going to sleep…
That’s another story,
I hate going to bed.

Somehow it feels like a failure,
Like giving up,
“I’m going to bed”,
“I’m giving up”.

Sounds the same to me…
When I’m in bed,
I’ll watch tv,
A movie,
Or an episode of some series,
Ok, two episodes,
Ok, three.
Usually it ends up that I get in bed at ten,
But fall asleep at midnight,
And that’s bad,
Because I need my sleep.

If I don’t sleep for 8 hours,
I get grumpy,
And annoyed,
And filled with headaches.

It’s thursday today,
I did not sleep well this week…
Not proud of myself…

Can’t wait for the weekend to arrive,
And to fall into a deep coma,
If I get to bed that is…

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