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Small talk

I never had a love,
For small talk.

In my job,
I meet the contrasts daily,
The ones that only want to talk,
About the weather.

These conversations are short,
Very short,
And they don’t really contribute,
Anything to anyone’s life.

On the other side,
I have people telling me,
Their life stories,
About their kids,
How they met their wife,
Or about a loved one,
They lost,
A few years ago.

These conversations go deep,
Tissues are pulled out,
Old wounds are being relived,
And sometimes,

The woman,
That had six sisters,
And lost all of them,
Will never leave my mind,
Or the guy that lost his wife,
And came to me everyday,
Just to let me help him put his hearing aids in,
And have a small conversation,
Will never leave my heart.

Every person out there,
Has a story,
Something that changed them,
Made them who they are,
Some of them are very lonely,
Or even broken.

And some of them,
Have an amazing sense of humour,
Like the man that never comes,
Without his son,
And never really needs anything,
But a place to vent,
And to crack a few jokes.

People are amazing creatures,
We are all alike but yet,
So different,
Because we all experience life,
In a different way,
A slightly different angle.

Let’s not waste all those experiences,
That we can share,
By talking about the weather,

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