I have no idea what I'm doing...


I was standing in a shop,
With my daughter,
Looking at bra’s,
And had walked around the racks,
About five times.

Desperately I turned to her,
And said:
“My boobs aren’t good enough for normal bra’s”,
All of them were padded,
Like small boobs,
Are a crime,
And have to be made bigger,
No matter what.

If I wanted a normal one,
I had to turn,
To the children’s department,
The only problem was,
They were all covered in unicorns,
Or panda’s,
I love a cute bra,
But the sexiness wasn’t to be found,
In these.

Two days later,
I got an e-mail,
Like a message from above,
That my desperateness was heard,
And answered.

Seven years ago,
Two women had the same problem,
And decided to do something,
About it,
And how they did…

They designed bra’s,
That have a perfect cut,
So your small boobs,
Get to shine,
Just the way they are,
No tricks,
No push ups.

I have been wearing the bra,
For a week now,
And it is the most comfortable,
And elegant piece,
I have ever owned.

I have the deepest respect,
And admiration for these women,
Who transform the way,
Small chests are supported,
And the way,
That women see themselves,
Giving them more confidence,
And by doing that,
Empowering them,
To change the world,
Just like they did.


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