I have no idea what I'm doing...


I’ll happily admit it,
I never really thought,
About socks,
I have always,
Just put them on my feet,
Without giving it,
A second thought.

That is why,
I never anticipated,
That they would become,
Such a big problem in my life.

Hear me out,
I swear it’s not as boring,
As it seems.

I have two kids,
Great kids,
That come to me,
Every morning,
To help them find,
Some socks.

In the beginning,
I was happy to oblige,
But by now,
I’m pulling my hair out,
Of frustration.

What happens to those darn things?
I can never seem to find,
The matching kind of sock,
After about two weeks of buying them.

Some get lost,
On the way to the washer,
I get that,
Socks are small things,
And now and then,
One gets tossed beside the laundry basket.

No biggy,
I’ll find that thing again,
Right around the time,
I had given up,
On ever finding it again,
And threw out his partner.

But sometimes,
Pairs of socks,
Just seem to vanish,
Like they have taken a trip,
To the Bahamas or something.

They never return,
And I just seem to,
Keep buying socks,
This can’t be the way,
My life was meant to be spent, right?

I solved it,
With my kids,
By making them wear,
Two different kind of socks,
On a daily basis,
And you know what?
They don’t care.

As long as their feet are warm,
It simply doesn’t matter to them,
If it has a unicorn on them,
Or a cat,
Or both.

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