I have no idea what I'm doing...

Spark joy

Why don’t they,
Teach us,
What we really need to know,
In school?

I don’t mean to,
Sound overdramatic,
But I’ve been going,
Through my entire household,
Cleaning everything out,
And I do mean,

My garbage man,
Officially hates me now,
By the way.

By cleaning everything out,
And so on,
I’ve really started,
To hate myself.

Why do I have,
Four mugs,
Stuffed with pens?
Or why do I own,
20 black shirts?

I have so much stuff,
That is completely unnecessary,
It’s insane.

Think I’m overreacting?
I’ve thrown out,
Tons of jewelry,
And I still have two drawers,
And a little cabinet,
Full of them.

Why don’t they,
Teach us to organize,
At school?

You could say,
It’s not that important,
That history,
Or math,
Teaches us,
More important things,
But our home,
And the way it looks,
Does so much,
For our inner human.

The only thing that is nearly finished,
Is the bathroom,
It’s a slow proces,
But all of a sudden,
My family members hang out,
You guessed it,
In the bathroom.

The energy shifted,
It’s a nice place,
To be in now,
Everything has it’s spot,
And it doesn’t feel,
So crowded anymore.

The trick to it all,
Is to keep,
What sparks joy,
If it makes you happy,
Keep it,
If it doesn’t,
Thank it,
And let it go.

It’s hard,
To grasp,
What sparks joy,
In the beginning,
But once you get the hang of it,
It makes you realize,
That the things,
That make you happy,
Are the only things,
That matter.

Can you imagine,
Coming home,
To a place,
Where everything you see,
Makes you happy?

How that must feel,
How light your life,
Will become?

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