I have no idea what I'm doing...


I’ll admit it,
I’m stuck.

Stuck in my head,
In my hair,
My attitude,
My wardrobe,
My words.

Everything is rambled,

I have no idea,
How it happened,
Maybe I hit my head,
In the middle of the night,
Without me,
Realizing it.

Nothing seems to work,
Nothing seems to matter,
These are the days that suck,
I’ll be honest,
And a part of me,
And prays,
That I’m not the only one,
Who’s got this.

On the other hand,
I hope no one else,
Ever has to feel like this,
Because it’s no picknick.

You feel like a nobody,
Something that’s in the way,
A mistake,
In the universe.

And you try,
You try so hard,
To step out of it,
Hugging your dog,
Putting on some music,
Cleaning your house,
Paint something,
Write a blog.

To distract you,
To give you a feeling,
Of purpose,
Something that says,
I’m doing something,
And it matters.

But maybe,
Just maybe,
We should allow ourselves,
To have a day,
Where we allow ourselves,
To feel pity,
For ourselves.

Some days,
We just get stuck,
And that’s ok,
The parts where we get stuck,
Are there for a reason.

They give us time,
To breath,
Spend some time,
With ourselves,
So we can move on,
The next day,
Or the next week,
And maybe,
It will be,
In a totally new direction,
That we would have never seen,
If we hadn’t got stuck,
In the first place.

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