I have no idea what I'm doing...

Take a chance

It’s been said,
That you become,
Like the people,
You spent the most time with.

It can be friends,
Or family,
It doesn’t matter,
But if you think about it,
It makes sense,

You choose to hang out,
With those people,
All the time,
So you must be like them,
Or you wouldn’t spent time with them,

What if I take it a step further,
What if every decision you make,
Has an impact,
On who you are?

It starts with the way,
You wake up,
A thing we do,
Every day,
But does it ever change?

With me it doesn’t,
Every morning I wake up,
With a growl,
And a feeling of wanting to go back,
To sleep.

Every ordinary thing we do,
Each day,
Contributes to who we are,
And to what our life looks like.

The clothes you choose to wear,
The decision of brushing your teeth,
Eating breakfast,
Or not,
Taking a bath,
Or a shower,
Things we do over and over again,
Without giving them a second thought.

Maybe we should rethink them,
Because these are the actions,
That form our lives,
We will probably do them,
Until the day we die,
So we might as well,
Have fun with them,
And create something with them,
That we truly want,
In our lives.

Why not jump out of your bed,
When you wake up tomorrow?
Or do a little dance as you walk,
Down the stairs,
To make yourself some breakfast?

Why don’t you take the chance,
And combine that vest,
With a skirt,
Although you always wear it,
With pants?
Maybe it will look amazing,
Maybe it will be a disaster,
We don’t know,
Until we try.

So let’s try,
Let’s try it all,
Let’s turn it upside down,
Inside out,
Until we find something,
That clicks with us,
That makes us feel alive,
And that creates the life,
We truly want.

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