I have no idea what I'm doing...

That’s just lucky

My luck returned.

It has been on holiday,
For about 6 years,
The bastard took a long time,
Hope he had fun in Miami,
Or wherever he went.

Ever since I was little,
I felt like I had a lucky star,
An angel,
Or whatever you want to call it,
That watched over me,
Sending me,
The things I needed,
And asked for.

At that time,
It was so good,
That it was pure logic for me,
I ask for something,
And I get it,
No doubt in my mind.

But then,
Something changed,
Maybe I did something wrong,
And scared it off,
Maybe someone else,
Needed it more,
So it left me,
I don’t know.

But now,
It’s back,
Loving me like before,
Making the metro stop,
So that there’s a door,
In front of me,
And not far away,
So I still have to run,
Like an idiot,
To catch it.

Or by making,
The lights turn green,
When I want to cross the street,
Not making me wait for ten minutes,
In the pouring rain,
Or the freezing wind.

Making my bus,
Be right there,
When I arrive,
With a little amount,
Of people on it,
So that I have a seat,
And don’t get squished,
In the middle of two people,
I don’t know,
Carrying a parfum,
Of sweat around them.

This may seem,
Like small stuff,
And you’ll probably go:
“So, that’s just lucky”,
And you’re right,
That is just lucky.

But now that I know,
What it’s like,
To lose that little bit,
Of lucky,
I’m gonna hold on,
To that little bugger,
For the rest of my life.

And I’m gonna praise it,
And love it,
And hug it,
So it never,
Wants to leave me again.

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