I have no idea what I'm doing...

The darkest of roads…

…often lead to the greatest places.

For almost five years,
I was stuck,
In a job,
A place that I hated.

I couldn’t get out,
Until someone else,
Could legally come in.

It was supposed to be a year,
It was supposed to be easy,
It wasn’t.

I saw the dark side of the moon,
But never the end of the tunnel,
After all those years,
I was fried,

My body protested,
Against a mind,
That felt imprisoned,
Anything but what it longed to be,

Three weeks ago,
The chains got unlocked,
I was out,
Freedom was mine,
But my mind couldn’t see it,
My body didn’t understand it.

They say,
That it takes us 21 days,
To learn something new,
A new routine,
A new way of thinking,
And I must agree.

After 21 days of being numbed,
My mind is telling me:
“We’re never doing that again”,
My heart beats:
“Let’s do what we love from now on, ok?”,
And my soul is shouting:
“FREEDOM!!! Let’s go, let’s go!!”

And my eyes,
See a future,
That is bright,
And filled with joy.

And my eyes would’ve stayed blind,
For the simple things in life,
That make up for the greatest happiness in life,
If I hadn’t walked,
That dark road,
And realized that the light,
Is within me,
And can never fade.

And you know what the best part is?
This is also true,
For you.

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