I have no idea what I'm doing...

The dream is the dreamer

The world belongs to the dreamers,
The people that believe,
In the unrealistic things,
Of life,
And never give up,
On the outcome.

It can be a love,
That doesn’t make sense,
To the rest of the world,
Or a business venture,
That no one believes in.

It can be the dream to fly,
Through the sky,
Like a bird,
Or the one where you can swim,
In the ocean like a fish,
Without having to come up,
For air.

All these things are possible,
Because a person,
One small person,
Dreamt about it.

In a way,
You can say,
That a dream,
Is not possible,
Without a dreamer.

Because someone has to dream the dream,
Before it can come true,
Else it will never exist.

And the dreamer needs the dream,
Like we all need oxygen,
To survive,
To create a better world,
To show to others,
That it wasn’t just a crazy idea,
And that dreams do come true,
Inspiring other,
Non dreamers,
To dream,
Bigger and bolder,
Knowing that anything can happen.

Even if you never believed,
In anything,
One dream come true,
Will fuel you,
To want the same thing,
To happen to you.

This way,
All the dreams find a home,
And all the people,
Find a purpose.

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