I have no idea what I'm doing...

The late shift

I have a weird relationship,
With time,
It works really well,
Between us,
And sometimes,
It frustrates,
The hell out of me.

I’m not really talking,
About the passing of time,
That happens anyway,
I rarely worry,
About that.

It’s more,
The pressure of time.

In that sense,
That I always wanna know,
In how much time,
Someone accomplished something.

And I’m not talking,
About small stuff,
Like cleaning your kitchen,
Or doing your laundry,
I don’t really,
Care about that.

It’s more in the area of life,
How long did it take,
For that comedian to break through?
Or how long,
Did Steve Jobs work on Apple,
Before it became,
This massive company?

And how old,
Where they,
When they achieved it?

Most of the cases,
Portray a story,
Where it took them,
A lot of years,
Hard work,
And an age,
That is well above my own.

That’s fine,
That gives me space,
Room to breath,
No pressure.

But when I read,
About someone,
Achieving something,
In one year,
On a younger age than me,
It get’s me frustrated.

I’m behind,
Look what I’ve could have done,
And how much time,
I wasted.

It makes me feel,
Like a giant failure,
Like I’m running late,
Behind schedule.

And the other day,
I realized,
How stupid that is,
Because if you have,
A late shift,
At work,
You never worry about,
The one who had the early shift,

You never get jealous,
Of them,
Or feel like a failure,
Because you have the late one,
It makes no difference.

The same is true in life,
Some get the early shift,
And some of us,
Get the late shift,
But one way,
Or another,
We all get to work,
And achieve everything,
We ever hoped for.

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