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The media

Maybe it’s because I recently,
Watched a documentary about Lady Diana,
On Netflix,
Or maybe it’s just my instincts,
About what’s right,
And what’s not,
But I have to say this.

I think the media,
The press,
Has gone sideways.

I’m all about free press,
Don’t get me wrong,
We need to know what’s out there in the world,
We need to be informed,
And we need to be able,
To make right,
Where there has been a wrong.

But what if a story,
Gets taken out of context?
What if there is not enough proof,
But someone who is famous,
Get’s dragged through the mud?

Does anyone,
Ever realize,
What consequences,
This might have,
On that person’s life?

Believe it or not,
Those famous people,
They are human.

They have feelings,
A family,
And a wife.

When you destroy their life,
You are destroying the life,
Of everyone around them,
As well.

Their kids will get picked on,
They will be spoken to,
In a hard,
And demeaning way,
Because you,
The press,
Set the example.

Because you had the “balls”,
To call it out,
As it is,
Or what you think it is,
All the other people,
That read your story,
Will think,
They have the same rights.

Words are power,
We should use them wisely,
Not to condemn others,
Not to ruin people’s lives,
Not to make them feel like a big nobody.

We should use them,
With love,
And grace.

People make mistakes,
All of us,
No one is free of it.

And this should be addressed,
But is it so hard to do it,
In a kind way?

So people can learn,
From those mistakes,
And become a better person,
Instead of them thinking,
They are a piece of shit?

And what if you’re wrong?
And you have to swallow those words,
Back in?
Do you think anyone,
Is going to believe you,
After saying those hateful things,
When you just say “sorry”?

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