I have no idea what I'm doing...

The small things

I went to the hairdresser,
For the first time,
In about six years.

Ever since,
They ruined my hair,
With a bad coloring,
I mistrusted them,
It may sound shallow,
But I like my hair,
I’ve spent a long time,
Growing it,
And I felt like,
The hairdresser just didn’t get that.

Because of the bad coloring,
I had to chop my hair off,
To a bob line length,
It was bad,
And very painful,
For me,
To lose,
So much of my hair,
Because someone else,
Made a mistake.

I sound shallow,
But it took me four years,
To grow it back,
To the same length.

Ever since that day,
I have been very careful with my hair,
Trying different shampoo’s,
And hair masks,
To keep my locks,
As healthy as possible.

But it got too long,
The heaviness was successfully,
Deleting any kind of style,
That I wanted to put into it.

My hair went flat,
And since I already have a long face,
It was washing me out,
Instead of flattering me.

I don’t think,
I ever observed,
So much,
In doing their job,
As I did today…

I felt bad for the girl,
But she was really sweet,
Not chopping off too much at once,
Step by step,
Letting me decide,
If it should be more,
Or not.

I made her,
Redo my blaze,
For about five times,
And every time,
She only took off a few inches,
Making sure that it wasn’t too short,
For me.

Reassuring me,
That if I wanted it differently,
I should just tell her,
And she would do it.

She restored my faith,
That some people do care,
About your hair,
And that they have an insight,
In how important it can be to you.

But what amazed me the most,
Is that she had no idea,
About my bad experience,
She felt it,
By heart,
That this was important to me.

This gives me hope.

That if there are still people,
Who care about something like your hair,
Which seems so unimportant,
Opposite to what is going on,
In the rest of the world,
That the little things do matter,
And that we should take time,
Make time,
For those things,
Because ultimately,
It’s the little things,
That change the world.

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