I have no idea what I'm doing...

The strangest person in the world…

Most of the time,
I feel like the strangest person in the world.

Like an alien,
That landed on earth.

It’s like I speak another language,
Think with another brain.

I don’t understand other humans,
They have different values,
Different oppinions,
Other priorities.

Most of the time,
I don’t care,
Most of the time,
I’m happy with who I am.

But some of the time…
It makes me feel so lonely.

So misunderstood,
Like a misfit,
A piece of the puzzle,
That got misplaced,
And no one noticed.

No one cared.

And some of the time,
I have hope,
Hope that I’ll find other misfits.

People that think like me,
Act like me.

People that look at me,
Really look at me,
And see the radars that keep spinning,
In my head.

People that see me,
As I am,
And understand me,
As I am.

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