I have no idea what I'm doing...

The truth about relationships

Can we take a moment,
To talk about,
All the shitty couples,
That are around us,

I don’t mean this,
In a bad way,
I know,
It comes off strong,
Come on,
How many times,
Have you thought,
To yourself,
“What is she thinking?”

Or the other way around,
Why is he dating her,
Does he really not see,
What a pain in the ass,
She is?

It baffles my mind,
How friends that are,
And kind,
Get trapped,
In a relationship,
That is so wrong.

Call me naive,
Or even insane,
But I always believed,
That a relationship,
Was about lifting each other up,
Completing each other,
Loving each other,
And accepting,
One another,
Just the way they are.

But when I look around,
I only see couples,
Telling each other,
What to do,
How to act,
Who they should be,
Like they just settled,
For the other person,
And are now trying,
To make something out of them,
So not all is lost.
My idea,
Is a bit too romanticized,
You say?
Watched to many movies?
It’s not what happens,
In real life?
I hear you…

But then again,
I did find,
That relationship,
And you know why?
I never settled.

If it felt wrong,
Then it had to go,
No question,
What’s worse?
Living a life,
With someone,
Who doesn’t get you,
Or spending some time alone,
So that the right person,
For you,
Gets a chance,
To come along?

Another thing,
Don’t go for looks,

People these days,
Seem to think,
That if they land,
A “hottie”,
They should,
Be thankful,
Fall on their knees,
And forget everything,
They stand for,
Just to keep them.

But again,
What kind of relationship,
Is that?
Do they really believe,
This will make them happy?

I want to talk to those people,
When they’ve had,
20 years of marriage,
And the looks have faded,
What is left then?

Your relationship,
Is possibly,
The most important life decision,
You’ll ever make,
Don’t make it easy,
On yourself,
Or the other person,
You both deserve,
Better than that.

Talk to each other,
Find out,
What you feel,
And believe,
About life.

See if you can,
Support each other,
Lift each other up,
Fight with each other and see,
What it brings you,
Go deep,
Without fear,
Or doubt.

Be vulnerable,
And see if you can,
Comfort each other,
Take a few days apart,
And find out,
If it feels,
Like you’re missing,
A part of yourself.

Because in the end,
That’s what matters,
Not their cute clothes,
Their nice teeth,
Or their killing body,
That’s a bonus,
But it’s not,
What a true relationship,
Is about.

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