I have no idea what I'm doing...

This is for anyone

This is for anyone,
Out there,
Who feels like,
They don’t belong,
In this world,
Their family,
Or their circle of friends.

This is for anyone,
Who feels like the outcast,
The black sheep,
Because they see things differently,
Than the rest of their world.

The ones that love to stay up,
All night,
Playing games,
Or just looking at the stars.

The ones that are different,
And have to face,
Charges for it everyday.

Why don’t you get a normal job?
Why don’t you settle down?
Why don’t you act your age?

To all of you,
Out there,
Around the globe,
I just want to say,
Stay strong.

Keep that dream,
That no one else seems to see,
That beat in your heart,
That knows what makes you happy.

And when the time is right,
I know you will stand up,
For yourself,
And that dream.

And all the other outcasts of the world,
Will stand with you,
And admire you,
Because you held on,
Because you didn’t give up.

And you will become a beacon,
Of hope,
One that others will cling to,
To follow their path,
Their crazy dream.

Hold on,
We need you.

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