I have no idea what I'm doing...

This lifetime

Let me tell you a story,
About a guy,
Who could sell rocks,
To stones,
Who could talk to anyone,
Big or small,
Rich or poor,
And who could,
Have conquered the world.

He was always dressed,
As a gentleman,
With a posh scarf,
And most preferable,
A hat,
Not just any hat,
A fancy hat.

A distinguished guy,
Who could talk,
About anything,
You threw at him,
With any given person.

He called up lawyers,
Bank directors,
Or important people,
As if he had known them,
For years,
Talked to them,
As if they were friends,
And always found a way,
To work with them,
In a way I can only dream about.

He always,
Landed on his feet,
Even when the odds,
Where all against him,
He pulled through,
And made it work.

He wanted the best,
For all the people he cared about,
Went above and beyond,
To help them out,
Even if it meant,
He had to do with less.

He lived,
A billion lives,
In one lifetime,
And had stories,
That made your eyes pop,
Out of your head.

He was one of a kind,
A true friend,
An amazing man,
And he passed away,
Two nights ago,
After being diagnosed,
With cancer,
Only a week before.

He often fantasized,
About a rich life,
With gorgeous cars,
A massive home,
And a daily bottle,
Of expensive champagne.

He never got it,
In this lifetime,
No matter how hard,
He tried.

I hope you’re up there now,
Sipping your glass,
Relaxing your feet,
By an infinity pool,
Next to your mother,
Who passed away,
A few years ago,
Wearing a fancy hat,
Just enjoying,
All the things,
That were denied from you,
Here on earth.

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