I have no idea what I'm doing...

True magic

I saw a man,
On stage,
With an innocent air to him,
Performing tricks,
Conjuring people,
In a way,
That they could not help,
But smile about it.

A man,
That created a performance,
So bold,
That the little girl in me,
With her eyes wide open,
And a feeling of joy,
That you only seem to experience,
As a child.

His greatest feature,
Seemed to be his mind,
One that can only,
Be compared to Sherlock Holmes’,
And unique.

A mind,
That was formed,
Through years of being bullied,
Steering him to the rational side,
Of life,
Showing him,
That he could calculate,
Every move,
And react to it,
In a way,
That he would win,
Every time.

One could easily forget,
That he’s a human being,
With feelings,
A life,
And a heart.

That he too,
Has to buy milk.

It was the heart of this man,
That captured me the most.

A heart,
That is locked in with reason,
A heart,
That is made to beat,
So carefully,
But still speaks out,
So loudly.

Don’t be misled,
By the acts,
That you see on stage,
Because they truly are,
His greatest con,
The words that come from his mouth,
Carefully planned,
And spoken with a disciplined voice,
Never missing a beat.

A showman,
Above anything else,
That is what you see,
When you don’t look.

What I see,
Is a man,
Who could have made millions,
By conning people,
Making them believe,
That he’s a saint,
A visionary,
Or even a God.

A God that knows,
What you are thinking,
Who can see,
Right through you,
And can manipulate you,
To commit a robbery.

People who only,
Look at the surface,
Will tell you,
He’s a bastard,
Using people,
Pure for entertainment,
Making them do things,
Against their will.

They can’t see the true magic,
The heart that this man has,
For all humankind,
To be the wonder,
That they were born to be,
Without fear,
Self loathing,
Or hatred towards themselves,
Or other people.

A true dickbrain,
Who knows what it’s like,
To be an outcast,
And denied by the rest of the group,
And who does,
Everything in his power,
To make sure,
That no one ever feels that way,
Around him.

Now that my friend,
Is magic.

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