I have no idea what I'm doing...


As we grow up,
We build walls,
I’m not talking about the ones,
That turn into a house,
Or a home,
I mean the ones that shield us,
From pain.

When we are kids,
We never worry about someone not liking us,
Have you ever seen a 5 year old,
That was bothered,
When another kid doesn’t want to play?
No, they just move on,
Or play on their own.

But when we grow up,
We start to think,
Our thoughts go out of control,
And we always put the blame,
On ourself.

The only conclusion we can come up with is:
”I’m not good enough”.

Wether we tell ourselves,
We’re not pretty enough,
Or smart enough,
The blame never goes out to someone else.

Instead we lash out,
We put up a wall,
And we swear that this,
Will never happen again.

I wish I could tell you,
That I found a way,
To handle this in a better way,
A more positive one,
But I’m guilty,
At blaming myself,
And putting up walls.

My mind never stops working,
On putting me down,
Whispering in my ear,
That I’m not good enough.

And I can put the blame,
On tons of different people,
That are in my life,
Or were,
But they can’t help me,
The trouble is in my head,
My mind.

My thoughts should change,
They should encourage me,
And tell me that it doesn’t matter,
What other people do or think,
About me.

Just like a house,
We need a foundation,
That gives us the strength,
To be true to ourselves,
And to not be blown away,
By a huf or a puf,
By anyone else.


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