I have no idea what I'm doing...

What to do with this thing called “life”?

I often hear people,
Use the phrase,
“I want to make something,
Out of my life”,
And that sounds so good,
Doesn’t it?

I immediately,
Imagine them,
Working hard,
Every day,
Setting goals,
And achieving them.

And then I wonder,
What am I making,
Out of my life?
Shouldn’t I,
Be doing more?

Like pick up,
A study,
A hobby,
That gives me the feeling,
That I’m doing something,
With my life?

Go out there,
And prove the world,
That I’m worth something,
That I am here,
That I exist.

But you know what?
That feeling fades,
I don’t want to grind,
To prove a point,
To feel worthy.

I want to enjoy,
My life,
I don’t want to make,
Something out of it.

If I look at it,
My life already,
Is pretty amazing,
And so is yours.

Life itself,
Is a gift,
An experience,
We don’t have to make,
Something out of it,
It’s already there,
Made for you,
To enjoy,
And to love.

Smell the roses,
Look at the sky,
Count the stars,
Listen to your favorite music,
Hug your loved ones,
Walk your dog,
Make your favorite food,
Dance like no one is watching.

And I promise you,
That is the moment,
You exist.

That is the moment,
Life recognizes you,
As a part,
Of itself,
And you will become,
You’ve ever dreamed off.

And then,
My darling,
Life makes something,
Out of you.

A shining star,
A beacon of hope,
For all the people,
Who are still trying,
To make something,
Out of their life.

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