I have no idea what I'm doing...

When it doesn’t fit… Read this.

You know that feeling,
When you try,
To fit in,
When you are trying to be,
Like the “normal” people,
Who are talking about tv programs,
You never heard about,
So when you come home,
You start watching them?

Or when they tell you,
About an artist,
So you go check him out,
Or a clothing brand,
That just everyone,
Has to have,
And it just does,
Nothing for you?

You don’t like the tv show,
The songs,
Or the clothes?

And the ones,
You do like,
Just raise an eyebrow,
With the people,
You are talking to?

It happens to me,
Quite often,
It often made me feel,

Like something,
Wasn’t right about me,
For example,
When a joke is made,
And everybody laughs,
Except me,
Because I don’t find it funny.

It’s human nature,
To try to fit in,
I just laughed along,
Because I wanted to be one,
Of the human race,
A normal being,
Just like the rest of the globe,
But it doesn’t work that way.

Neglecting yourself,
To fit in,
Gives you one thing,
What leads to,
An even greater feeling,
Of being an alien,
Because everyone else seems happy,

Let me tell you something,
And please,
Let it sink in.

Take your time,
Sit back,
And soak it up.

You are unique,
People won’t get you,
The ones that you like,
Won’t always like you back,
They’ll ignore you,
And they will make you feel,
Like the problem is you,
That you are not good enough.

Walk away from them,
And keep being you,
The ones that don’t get you,
Weren’t meant for you,
Let them go,
And be your unique,
Wonderful you,
And if you can’t do that,
For yourself,
Do it for me.

Because you know what?
I’m looking for you,
In the crowd,
The person that dares,
To be,
Exactly what he or she,
Was meant to be,
And when you are you,
I can find you,
And smile at you,
From up close,
Or far away,
But we’ll both know,
What I’m trying to say.

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