I have no idea what I'm doing...

White pants

Somebody gave me a pair of trousers,
That was too small,
For them,
But fits me perfectly.

They are white,
Not beige,
Not broken white,
Not eggshell,
But extremely white.

I have two kids,
Two dogs,
About thirty guinea pigs,
I don’t do white.

White scares me,
White shows everything.

It shows when you spilled a drink,
Or some food,
It shows your period,
Very clearly.
It even shows your underwear.

White is pretty mean,
It leaves nothing covered
It spills the beans.

Shortly put,
I have no idea how to wear white,
How do I keep it from showing all those things?
Do I bribe it?

Maybe I should just dye the pants,
In a darker color.

Or maybe, just maybe,
I should be brave,
Suck it up,
And try it out.

How about that?

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